Sailing Beach Catamarans

Sailing Beach Catamarans

Hobie Beach Catamarans

The first Beach Catamaran (Hobie 14) was designed by Hobie Alter back in 1968 in California-USA targeting to the creation of a dinghy that would offer strong excitement to the enthusiasts of fast sailing, strong winds and adrenaline.
The effect on the public was huge and the success that followed even bigger, bringing the Company today on the top of the Beach Catamaran Constructors, with a big range of Cats for multiple use.

Why a Beach Catamaran?

•    It is lower priced and much more versatile than a larger Sailboat
•    It is more stable and faster than a monohull
•    It easily transportable and easy to rig in a short time
•    It is easy handling, simple & low maintenance
•    It is fast and offers high levels of excitement

Why a Hobie Cat?

Hobie Cat is the biggest and more advanced Beach Catamaran constructor worldwide.
It has a long history of research, technological evolvement and participation in Racing Sailing worldwide, cherishing a vast fleet of Cats and thousands of happy owners.
Hobie Cat’s Dealer network is very organized, dedicated and focused to service the clientele on the spot with spares and services, so all owners may enjoy the company’s motto ”Hobie-a way of life”

Hobie Cat & Ostriamarine

Ostriamarine Company has developed a mutual steady and reliable cooperation with Hobie Cat Europe since 2000 as an exclusive representative in Greece, the central Balkans and North Africa, offering services to numerous content customers.
In Ostriamarine you will find all Hobie Cat products (Brand new and second hand), information, proposals and advice for the choice of the product of your interest, as well as solutions to possible technical problems that you might face, at the soonest possible time.

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