Sailing Dinghies - Monohulls

Sailing Dinghies - Monohulls

Sailing Dinghies

Using the term “Sailing Dinghies” we usually refer to small sailing monohull boats up to 7meters’ length – most popular of them being at the 5meter range or smaller.

They are sailing platforms designed both for racing as well as recreation, single-handed or crew, easy to use and carry, baring small weight (from 30kgrs to 300kgrs total weight depending on size and type) easy to maintain and low to medium budget to purchase.

Their rigging and equipment varies from a simple Main sail to a complete 3 sail rig (Main, Jib & Spinnaker /Gennaker) and less or more sophisticated hardware and materials.

Their transportation means is relevantly easy; from car toppable smaller dinghies to trailerable 

larger ones with a conventional car.

The choice parameters

  • Use (Recreation or Racing)
  • Performance
  • Number of crew (or maximum load under sail)
  • Type of sailing (coastal, day cruising, open water)
  • General weather conditions in the area of interest
  • Presence of a Keel for harsh weather conditions
  • Easy rigging
  • Easy launching / transportation
  • Price

Phileas & Hobie Cat

Phileas company has been the top dinghy constructor in France and one of the top companies worldwide, very well known for the hi-quality and finish, top performance and innovative design of their dinghies.

Today the company belongs to the Hobie Cat Group and their monohull dinghies complete Hobie Cat’s wide range of dinghies.

RS Sailing

RS Sailing is considered to be the leader worldwide in constructing small sailboats. Its vast range of models covers all demands of the Public, by offering doth Polyethylene as well as GRP dinghies suitable for all needs – recreation, racing, professional use, rental, sailing schools.

Their vast range also includes extraordinary Keel dinghies, suitable for Recreation & Racing, appropriate for mooring as well as versions suited for disabled sailors.              

Ostria Penguin

Ostria Penguin is a low budget small dinghy based on the philosophy of the Mediterranean Latini and the Greek traditional fishing boats.

It’s a versatile dinghy designed by us for a crew of two elders and a child that can sail under a simple triangular main sail, a pair of wooden oars, or a small outboard up to 15HP.

It features a plywood dagger board and rudder with aluminum tiller for maximum stability and seaworthiness under sail, and it has the ability to use all its means simultaneously (Sail, Oars & Motor) given that the owner chooses to place a 4-5HP outboard sideways on the transom.

Using alternative a 10-15HP motor rigged on the center of the transom, the dinghy can be transformed into a small speedboat servicing 1-2 persons.

Finally, its small weight makes launching a simple procedure, while towing the dinghy on a road trailer is very easy for a conventional car with a small engine.

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