RS 500

With ISAF Class status and growing fleets in many countries, the RS500 gives fantastic competition in Clubs, on the RS Racing Circuit and up to World Championship level.
If you are young at heart, love to travel and enjoy a big party after sailing, this is the class!


Models S / XL

Construction: GRP composite stiff construction
Hull Length: 4.34m
Beam: 1.58m
Hull weight: 87kgr
Sailing weight: 115kgr
S Dacron Jib: 3m2
S Mainsail: 7.5m2
XL Mylar Jib: 3.6m2
XL Mainsail: 9.5m2
Dynalite Spinnaker: 14m2

RS 500 Options

Polycotton Breatheable Top Cover
Nylon Under Cover
Gunwhale Hung Launching Trolley
Carbon PRO-EX CPX Extension 1.1 with UJ
Padded Rudder Bag – short
Euro Spec Combination Road Base - 8" Wheel
Euro Spec Combination Road Base - 10" Wheel

RS 500

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