The Open 5.70 is designed for sailors who have enjoyed exhilarating surfing on dinghies or catamarans and want to once again find the same sensations on a small keelboat.
Stark, simple and well manufactured, the Open 5.70 is unsinkable and cannot capsize. The easy to handle asymmetrical spinnaker drives the boat downwind at high speed that can exceed 18 knots. Setting up the boat is very simple: the mast stepping and the launching can be done on your own. For weekend racing or sailing, its trailerable size allows to tow it behind your car with a standard car license. As an international OD Class, the Open 5.70 is a fantastic, fast sport boat supported by a friendly and active class association.


Length: 5.7 m / 18' 8"
Beam: 2.53 m / 8' 2"
Weight: 510 kg / 1,124 lbs
Mainsail Area: 17 m² / 183 ft²
Jib Sail Area: 8.31 m² / 89.4 ft²
Spinnaker Sail Area: 35 m² / 376.7 ft²

Sailing boat Phileas open 5.70

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