Company information

Ostria Marine Center - "Stergios Ioannidis and Co. Inc" is based in 28 Thessaloniki Ave. - 570 19 Perea - Thessaloniki- Greece, tel +30 23920 29 752, and was established in October 2000.

The company is relatively new, but with quite a long history behind it, and was consisted from the emerging of the commercial firm "Ostria", whose main objective was the retailing of marine chandlery and outdoor sports equipment, and the manufacturing firm of camping gear and equipment "Kataskinotiki", both companies based in Thessaloniki, and both very successful at their sectors.

Todays' "Ostriamarine" is the leading company in small boat business in Greece, not only due to the brand names it operates with, but mainly due to the deep knowledge of the business and professionalism of its colleagues and the high level of its organisation.

Company's main objectives:

  1. The exclusive representation, importing and distribution for Greece, the nearby Balkan Countries and Cyprus, of many sailing boat manufacturers
  2. The importing, wholesaling and retailing of Marine Chandlery, Water sport gear and equipment and relevant accessories.
  3. The construction of multiple use dinghies, (project «Ostria Penguin»).
  4. The construction of road trailers and beach dollies for small sail crafts.
  5. The exclusive distribution for Northern Greece and the Greek Islands of Zodiac group inflatable boats (Bombard & Avon) as well as outboard engines.
  6. The manufacturing and marketing of high quality and performance sails, Racing, as well as Cruising, constructed from top quality materials world wide.
  7. Dinghy Sailing tutoring.
  8. Organizing Water Sport Centers and Sailing Clubs' management.

Additional Goals:

Basic parallel objective goal of the company is to help dinghy sailing evolve in the country through Dinghy Sailing Schools both in Athens and Thessaloniki, organized and operating in relevant Sailing Clubs, apart from the ones the Company runs with its own staff.

One of the main objectives and primary interests of our firm is also the evolvement of Club Racing in Greece via the participation and support of sailing races, along with helping the development & spreading of the use of Monohul and Multihull Dinghies in the Greek market.


Legal Representative & Managing Director: Mr. Stergios Ioannidis
Technical Services & Coaching: Mr. Dimitris Ioannidis.

Contact Details:

Ostria Marine Center

Stergios Ioannidis & Co
28 Thessaloniki's Ave.
570 19 Perea - Thessaloniki - Greece

Tel & Fax:  +30 23920 29752
Mob: +30 6932 244 334
Mob: +30 6947 638 948