Just 20kms from the center of Thessaloniki and 7kms from Thessaloniki’s Airport
“Macedonia” we are based in the Municipality of Thermaikos in Thermaikos Bay
organized with all necessary amenities for the visitors.
We invite you to visit us and enjoy Watersports at our coastline.

Your Options:

Dinghy Sailing with monohulls,  Beach Catamarans and Trimarans (up to 7m),
Windsurfing, Stand Up Paddling, Kayaking, Water Skiing, Touring with Sailing
dinghies as well as motorboats.

Municipality of Thermaikos offers to the fans of Watersports all options for the summer.
Available are options for the fans of Sailing, Windsurfing, Kite-surfing, Kayaking, SUPs, Water Ski and more,
throughout the vast of the Municipality’s shoreline.

Become the master of the waves with a Windsurf or a Kite-surf. Acquire access on a remote
and isolated beach and enjoy a wonderful day on the water with a sailing dinghy or a motorboat.
Get acquainted with Thermaikos’ municipality natural beauties from a totally different
aspect and point of view.

Relax and enjoy the summer and the sea, with a smooth or an intense wave - low Northwestern
winds in the mornings and stronger but controllable Southern winds in the afternoons.
Work out by rowing a Kayak or an SUP.
Take your share of adrenaline that the sport of Water-Ski has to offer.

Trust your children with authorized personnel, in a secure and controlled environment always
supported by life guarding means, so they can learn to love and enjoy Watersports.
Discover an impressive wreck at Epanomi and a sea-bottom full of secrets waiting to be discovered,
with the minimum requirements of diving gear.

Bring your boat - or rent one - and explore all 52 km of coastline inside the limits of Thermaikos
municipality. Go fishing ashore or on a fishing boat - chartering one of the regular basis
fishing trips offered in Thermaikos municipality.

Our Experience:

Our team has excellent knowledge of the vast area of our region as well as the
weather conditions prevalent, and acquires all the “know- how” to cover all
necessary needs. With a very pleasant and safety first manner, we offer the ideal
Conditions to learn and enjoy Watersports.
Head Certified Coach and responsible for all operations is Dimitris Ioannidis.

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