It is easy to use and has amazing performance! In addition to its beautiful aesthetic, it is equipped with the “Wing System”. It is a system based on the famous German “Roller skiffs” banned from competition in the 1980’s due to its superiority over conventional sliding seats fitted to all racing craft. The feet stretcher is fixed on the sliding rigger: there is no weight movement on the boat and all the power goes directly to the oars.
Recommended for sportspeople who have a minimum of practice.


Hull: Polyester
Length: 4.82 m (15.81 ft)
Width: 0.65 m (2.13 ft)
Height: 0.40 m (1.31 ft) 
Weight: 25 kg (55.11 lbs)
Capacity: 1 person


•    Delivered with 3 m (9.84 ft) oars (light aluminum alloy or carbon fiber)
•    Wing System: sliding wing rigger attached to the foot stretcher for a more efficient movement
•    Available in white, other colors on demand


Open waters, rivers, lake, touring, physical activity (advanced rower).

Rowing Boat Virus Skiff Light

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