This is the new creation of Virusboats. Thanks to 20 years of experience in recreational rowing boats, the Yolette meets all the criteria to be the perfect rowing boat: light, efficient and stable with a high quality rigging. The Yolette is light enough to be fitted on the car roof, sufficiently stable to row safely, and designed to make your work symmetrically. The centre of gravity gives optimized stability, comfort and ergonomic use. Virusboats is the first manufacturer in the world which has developed this kind of boat. It is a perfect product to combine relaxation with fitness.
Recommended for learning and training.


Hull: Polyester
Length: 4.80 m (15.75 ft)
Width: 0.78 m (2.56 ft)
Height: 0.40 m (1.31 ft)
 Weight: 35 kg (77.16 lbs)
Capacity: 1 person
Not self-bailing


A Yole made for relaxation, physical activity and touring…

Rowing Boat Virus Yolette

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